Public policy

Public policy

Poverty is an issue of public concern. This issue came about in light of a tactical development practices and courses of action that have been in the process of implementation in many countries. According to the International Monetary fund, “what is new in the current context is the clear commitment to poverty reduction policy as an integral part of public policy at the global level.” (9). The issue of poverty has arisen as a result of the existing fiscal and monetary disaster that has ensnared a high population of people to poverty. This has resulted to an increase of unemployed individuals, as well as deterioration of public health due to lack of funds.

Though poverty eradication policy has been successful in most countries, little has been achieved in the developing countries, more so in Africa. As the President, I would focus all my energy towards economic growth. It is important to bring to light the fact that economic growth lifts or elevates the level of earnings and wages for most affected people in the community (Leite, Sangarides, and Ghura 3). My plan of action as the President would consider the consequences of uneven allocation resources within the population as it is an indicator of economic growth. It would also be important to design plans of action that would ensure lessen the rate of inflation, support and encourage economic improvement, as well as hoist or elevate edification accomplishments. I would ensure modification of government structures that would prevent competition in offering acceptable living standards for the people, and at same time draw in local and international investors in a bid to ensure economic growth. This would lead to reduction in poverty.

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