Public Policymaking

3,500-word essay focusing on a contemporary policy challenge that you find particularly interesting or important.In the assignment you are required to research and explain this policy challenge through reference to theories we have examined, and how governments are, might, or have sought to address the policy challenge.Challenge:How to tackle the problem of indigenous disadvantage and exclusion in the twenty-first century? The Maori case in New Zealand.STRUCTURE1) Introduction:Short description of the challenge. Be careful to reproduce historical history. Be careful using descriptive work. Use History as an apendix. (attached)-Thesis: The aim of the essay is to focus on how this challenge has been addressed and under which frameworks have been taken, is to apply the theory to the reality. Construction of a thesis under this objective- Focus in a particular point of time, suggestion: To extend its commitment to the problems of native people, the New Zealand government, together with the Ministry of Maori Affairs, created in 2012, a strategic plan for the future. This Action Plan 2012-2017 would be responsible for implementing and monitoring inclusion policies and development economic development of the Maori population (Luxton, 2008).2) ArgumentsDescribe and analyse how this plan is done, who is involved, what aspects are critical. Focus on education and entrepreneurship (suggestion)APPLY THEORIES TO EXPLAIN (MULTIPLE STREAMS, PUNCTUATED EQUILIBRIUM, ADVOCACY COALITION FRAMEWORK, RATIONAL CHOICE, SOCIAL CONSTRUCTION OF TARGET POPULATION, AMONG OTHERS).*Some suggestions:Agenda Setting:- How, under Advocacy Coalition Framework, are explained the inequalities in the relationship between the Maoris and the State (Humpage, 2006; Sabatier and Weible, 2007).- The importance of understanding how social constructions are difficult to overcome, and how they provide a critical context to the agenda setting (Ingram and deLeon, 2007).- The importance of the international agencies and institutions and the venue shopping of the advocacy groups. (Pralle, 2003)Design:- The importance of the fundamental choices based on values and how the policy design could be based on emotionally driven thinking. (Ingram and deLeon, 2007; Pierce et al., 2014)- AND FINALLY ANALYSE WHICH TOOLS ARE USED AND IF THEY ARE EFFECTIVE. (Schneider and Ingram, 1990)*When you finished each paragraph you should ask yourself…is this insightful, it is helping my understanding of what I think? Use examples and describe the advantages and disadvantages of the plan.3) Conclusion: “government can do nothing, or can do this or that. It would take a long time to overcome inequalities….”-Judgement about the process, advantages and disadvantages. Demonstrate that you critically thought.*Detailed Instructions and structure attached/Basic references attached/Lecture notes attached*

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