Quality Techniques and Analysis

You are a Quality Manager in a medium sized manufacturing company. You have been tasked in your annual appraisal with an improvement project to reduce the incidence of reject material and customer complaints on one of the product lines. There is no single clear candidate as a cause for the problems, and with the number of parameters that could be contributory factors, you have decided this would be a suitable candidate for using Design of Experiments.

This is a Group assignment. Your task is to prepare a project proposal to the Board of Directors for the company in order to achieve approval for the project to be conducted. The proposal should:-

• define the problem,

• identify the parameters related to the problem,

• give a brief outline of the benefits of DOE and a description of the process

• define in detail the steps that need to be taken to determine the design for the project, with suitable explanations,

• state the provisions that must be made for each stage including the running of the final design

• provide a project plan (timeline) for the entire project.

The marked tasks related to the above are:-

1. Definition and explanation of Design of Experiment approach

2. Outline of problem being considered

3. Description of the proposed design

4. Project plan

5. Report presentation and referencing citation.
Important points

• You are expected to support your discussion with appropriate references.

All referencing must be to the Harvard standard.

• You are free to determine the detail relating to the nature of manufacturing company and the product under discussion.

• This is a research-based assignment, based on practical application. The report must therefore reflect and engage with the issues in a realistic manner.
Report Structure

The following is presented as a guide for constructing a report in relation to module ET4S10 – Quality Techniques and Analysis. Whilst presented as a guide, you are encouraged to ensure that the sections reflect and relate to the development of your coursework. You should remember that the report should be written by you as if you are a ‘consultant’ reporting back to the Board of Directors as a company, and not a report to your Tutor as a piece of academic work. The requirement for 3,000 words should be mainly focussed as indicated below in red. Tables and diagrams not included in word count. To aid readability, consider using Ariel font size 12 with line spacing of 1.5. Please use a new page to start each main section.
Contents Page

Section No. Page No.

Summary / Executive Summary / Abstract

This section should clearly indicate what you have done and why, how you did the work and what are your main findings and recommendations. This section should be no more than a page in length. (around 200 words max)

1.0 Introduction

1.1 General Overview / Description of problem

1.2 Aims and Objectives

This section should provide the reader with a brief contextualisation for the report (why you are writing it), which should then lead you to defining your aims and objectives for the work – in other words what you hope to achieve. Would expect this to be around a page in this length of report.
2.0 Methodology

This section should outline ‘HOW’ you have undertaken your work with an explanation of what DOE is (~1,000 words)

3.0 Results and Recommendations

3.1 Factors influencing problem

3.2 Design considerations

3.3 Project plan

This section should present your thoughts in relation to applying DOE to the problem. This should be the largest section of our work – as after all this is where you describe what you have done (~1500 words)

4.0 Conclusion

This is again a small section summarizing the main conclusions of your work.

5.0 References

All references used within the text of the report should be fully indicated here.

6.0 Bibliography

Any sources of information you have read to help support your work, but not referenced should be acknowledged here. (can be combined with References)

7.0 Appendices

Any larger supporting documents that you feel cannot be placed within the text of the report can always be filed into the appendices. If more than one, these should be clearly labelled so that it is easy for the reader to access.

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