Queensland Australia Middle Childhood and Youth (7 to 18years) – Contemporary issue Research Project (research report format or essay format) Queensland Australian Middle childhood and Youth Alcohol abuse

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1.Australian writting
.2.2000 WORDS APA
3.TASK; You are to investigate a contemporary issue for childrens services. You must draw on current childhood research, reports and theory and make recommenations for practice. title Queensland Australian Middle childhood and Youth Alcohol abuseor any comtempory issue for 7 to 18years old Australian, including alcohol issue the impact of the macro-system on the development of services/programs within a range of communities
ex) youth alcohol issues: health, meantal etc. anything really as long as alcohol involve
4. RESERCH FORMAT or ESSAY FORMAT (detail page 1) included in file
5. Include AT LEAST 3 REFERENCE (FROM Page 12 to 19 ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY) I had to created annotated bibogrphy for uni assignment and we suppose to use here.- files clued
The Who Cares? Trust [2014] Social pedagogy what is it? Retrieved from: https://www.thewhocarestrust.org.uk/pages/social-pedagogy-what-is-it.html

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