Race and Politics in the US

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  • Hard copies of the essays are due in class at 2 PM on Monday, November 25th AND digital copies are due to Dropbox by the time class begins.
  • Print out and ATTACH THIS GRADING RUBRIC TO THE FRONT OF YOUR ESSAY. Essays lacking this rubric will automatically be deducted 10 points.





________ (20 points)  The student clearly read the chapter and understood the significance for the class. Information from the chapter is accurate.


________ (20 points) The student incorporates information and/or concepts from class lectures and the assigned reading, including proper citations. Course materials are presented accurately, and are applied appropriately.




________ (20 points) Paper has a clear thesis that makes a point. Each paragraph has a clear topic sentence. Each topic sentence is clearly linked with the thesis, as well as with all sentences within that paragraph. Each paragraph is linked with the paragraphs that precede and follow it.




_______ (20 points) Punctuation, grammar, spelling, style, and mechanics are appropriate and correct. Sentence form and word choice are varied and appropriate.


Critical Thinking:


______ (20 points)  Paper incorporates independent, critical thought on the part of the student. Claims and ideas are supported and elaborated, not simply assumed.


______ TOTAL

Grading Scale:

A=18-20 (outstanding work)

B=16-17 (very good work)

C=14-15 (average, satisfactory work)

D=12-13 (below average, marginal work)

F=0-11 (very unsatisfactory work)


POSC 100 Essay #1: Race and Politics in the US

Barack Obama’s presidency has signaled to many that the US has made good on its promise of equality. But for legal scholar Michelle Alexander it is dangerously misguided to equate Obama’s election with a triumph over racism in this country. In The New Jim Crow, Alexander argues that the disproportionate and mass incarceration of African-American men in the US threatens the gains made by the civil rights movement in this country.  In a three-page essay, 12-point-font, double-spaced, Times New Roman, using parenthetical citation, taking care to choose a few necessary points (Do not attempt a summary of the chapter!), develop Alexander’s argument for seeing the number of African-American men under the criminal justice system as evidence of a racial caste system. You should explain what a caste system is and why she thinks this is an example of it. Example of parenthetical citation: (Alexander 15). You do not need a works cited page.

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