Race and racism

Instruction & Requirements:

Short essay on race and racism

Short Essay: Central questions to which you should respond: What are the historical origins of the idea of race? How have the idea of race and the practice of racism changed over time?

Your essay must contain a thesis/central argument (see Writing a Thesis), utilize assigned readings (essays must engage Ali Rattansi\’s Racism: A Very Short Introduction), films, and discussion forums to support your argument, and reflect an understanding of change over time and across space. Your essay should also consider the implications of the historical processes in question on myriad and diverse groups of people in order to recognize that we do not all experience things in similar or equal ways.

You will be evaluated not only on the clarity of your thesis, but also on the degree to which you provide a clear framework with which to organize your evidence in support of your thesis. Since you are asked to address origins and change over time, a chronological organizational framework seems most appropriate.

You will also be graded on the mechanics of writing–spelling, sentence structure, organization, grammar, etc.– as well as their appropriate inclusion of citations, with an emphasis on source analysis and integration. You must NOT do outside research for this essay.

Essays should be a minimum of 1000 words in length, employ appropriate grammar and sentence structure, cite sources using proper Chicago-style footnoting, and be free of typographical errors.

Essays that rely on a narrow range of sources (ie only one chapter of the Rattansi), are disorganized, do not cite sources or cite them improperly, or employ incorrect grammar or sentence structure will not receive high marks. Consult the grading rubric for specific criteria and achievement levels.

. Be sure that it is a Word document or PDF.

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