Racial Tension Experience

Racial Tension Experience


            Racial tension is referred to the enmity or dislike that exists between people of different racial background. Two factors are believed to be main contributors to racial tension. These include bigotry, which develops hatred of people along ethnic line. The other factor is the resentment that creates believes in some ethnic group that other races within the same locality are treated fairly than them. Therefore, based on the above factors, people tend to relate based on their ethnicity. Almost all the countries with people from different backgrounds experience racial discrimination from the majority. In the process of such practices, victims face inequality. For instance, in the United States, certain marginalize communities such as African Americans suffered harsh handling from the ruling in the past. Some of the impacts of racial tension within the society include hatred, violence, forced migration and even death like the one that occurred in Rwanda. For example, it is through racial tension in America that led to riot and killing of the blacks in 1900s. Therefore, racial tension has great negative impact to the people and should be discourage within the society.

Instance of Racial Tension Experiences

            It is a normal occurrence for one to experience racial tension in the United States especially when you either belong to the marginalize tribes or when one is from other countries. Although through the constitution, the act of racial tension is unacceptable, the practice is still being practice within many of the offenders get away with the crime committed. For instance, I have had three instances where I experience racial tension. The first instance occurred during my holiday visit to one of the African countries, Tanzania. Through various visits that I have made to this country during my holidays, I have made some few friends who I do spend most of my time while in the country. As it is a routine that every Sunday people do visit various beaches in the region as the day is always set for enjoyment along the beaches. Some of the activities that people do involve in during Sundays along the beach include playing beach football, acrobatics and swimming among other activities.

One Sunday when we were at the beach, we decided to join some of beach boys who were playing football along the beach. Although I was not good at playing football at the time, I decided to join the play so as to gain some experience in beach football. However, this was not the expectation of the beach boy as they believe whites are good at playing football. According to them, this is true as they do watch various games played in Spain, England, United States and Germany among other up countries football matches. Therefore, in the process of playing the game, one of the beach boys dogged with several. Some of the passer-by started staring at me while some teased at me. This attracted a large crowd and a felt very embarrassed as everyone was looking at me. Despite the move by my friends to stop their colleagues from embarrassing me, the more it became worse. In order to avoid more embarrassment, we left the scene and we went back to the hotel.

While in the hotel, I became tong-tied and I could not even talk with my best friends as I believed that they might be like their friends at the beach. As these friends could better understand me, they allowed me to take a rest for some time before joining me later for supper. During supper time, they explained to me that most of the beach boys do behave in the same manner so as to get money from the white in order to stop more embarrassing the white. This is the time I realized that I had no reason for reacting negatively towards my friends for the mistake they have not done.

The second incident came into play during my study in high school. Just like other schools in different parts of the world, it is a normal occurrence for people from different ethnic groups to be in the same class and involve in various activities such as class discussion among other school activities. As required by our tutor to have class discussion groups, I decided to join a group with the lager composition were the blacks from different parts of the world. I loved interacting with the blacks as they were more serious with class work as compared to white students. Therefore, having them in my group is of more advantage as I will learn more from the discussion. However, during one of the discussion towards my final examination in high school, something unusual happened during group discussion. It was my turn to read the question to other members of the groups to understand in order to come up with appropriate answers to the question.

In the process of reading the question, accidentally I misspelled some word and immediately one of my best friends in the group, Joseph, a black origin from African-American tribe busted in laughing. To my surprise he laugh for almost two minutes and when I asked him the reason for the laughter, he aggressively shouted that he could not believe a white person can misspelled an English word as it is their mother-tongue. When other students heard this, the whole class stared at me with a lot of surprise. I immediately stood up and grabbed him on the neck before punching him on the nose. As it was against the school rules to fight in school, we were taken to our class teacher by our class secretary. Although I was not punished for punching him but it was an embarrassment that I would never forget.


            As mentioned above, the practice of racial tension has negative impacts to the parties involved, the act need to be eradicated completely.  Some of the ways of discouraging racial tension among people from different ethnic groups include enacting of rules and regulations that discourages racism, punishing persons who practice racial tension and providing teaching by the government and other related non-governmental organization on the causes and effects of racial tension practices. Moreover, leaders from different communities need to promote peace among people in order to enhance good relation among their communities. This will help to develop a society with people from different race that practice zero racial tension as they live as brothers and sisters. In addition, citizen of various respective countries need to avoid electing leaders whose aim is to divide people along ethnic line as it will result to conflicts and wars between different community members.

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