Reaction paper + Summery of section 10 (International Relations: Development and Globalization)

Attached is Changs book:For the first two pages: I want you to write a reaction/commentary on the whole book. And please when writing the commentary/reaction make sure to make it clear and brief on what you thought on concepts and issues raised within the readings, and whats the purpose? (What is interesting and why it is interesting, and what is not clear or needs more understanding). Remember that the first 2 pages is a commentary, which is basically a reflection and not a summery. Please lay out the ideas clearly. Also attached is a sample of a students commentary/reflection (Not regarding this book though) just to get a sense of how the professor wants our commentary/ reflections to look like.Page 3:I want you to write a summery of the 10th section of the book (The Epilogue). Start with an overview/summery (summarize her/his main points and line of reasoning), critical analysis of the article (mention unstated assumptions, strengths &/or weaknesses such as evidence or lack thereof for his/her argument), also what concepts/theories were presented if any, and what are those concepts/theories.When citing only cite the page numbers, and no quotations. Make sure to be precise of the exact page number and avoid citing for example pages 100-120. Please use SIMPLE words as i am NOT a native speaker. Let me know if you have any questions thank you.

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