Reading response to excerpt of Ann Coulter

Reading response to excerpt of Ann Coulter

Coulter provides her opinions about the liberals and the debate concerning single women. She provides various examples and illustrations in supporting her point of view about the various aspects that do happen in the society. Reading through the article of Coulter, I get inclined to agree with her arguments on the various aspects raised in the story.

Liberals are always in the forefront to speak and appear to be protecting those whose rights they deem are not being respected.  They accuse others on what they do to distract attention from those that are really being victimized. Those oppressed by the powerful are the real victims. This means that they are always ready to talk and criticize those they perceive to be on the wrong. This denies the oppressed or the victims a chance to be heard. When it comes to politics, media plays a crucial role in informing the public about the agenda of politician.  It is expected that media plays its role well by being objective and fair when transmitting information. However, this is not the case, as the media is being used to give undue advantage to others and portraying others negatively.

The case to illustrate this is the skewed media portrayal of some leaders and contenders in US politics such as George Bush, McCarthy, Jesse helms and Sarah Palin among others (Coulter, 2012).  It is the media, which has aided in formation of public opinions towards the leaders. The media urges people to hate the people they deem that are not performing their duties instead of transmitting information and leaving the people to make their own judgment and form their opinions. I therefore, do agree with Coulter on these aspects because it is happening across the world not only in US.  Media and the liberals are using the opportunity in a bad way.

Furthermore, the argument raised by Coulter that political proposals are made on the   stories of victims is also true. The political class will use all forms of hoaxes to ensure that they win favors from others. They also use such tricks to project themselves positively to the public. Every person becomes to be a victim to get the attention of the media and the entire society.  Being a victim has an advantage in the sense that people that support you will show mercy and support even if on the wrong side. This is exhibited in various cases that involve or issues of racism where the issue of race causes a lot of uproar in USA.

I also contended and agree with Coulter’s argument that single mothers are worshiped and given undue attention and focus in the USA by the political elites.  They are not rejoiced and protected because of their status in society but because they help politicians to achieve their goals.  Which politicians will not use every opportunity available to sail through to the sit of power?  Across the world, politicians look for every single opportunity to appeal to the public. Single mothers are therefore used in the campaigns and in other gatherings or events. These mothers are also victims of other atrocities such as sexual abuse.

Liberals also lump all categories of women that are single as single mothers without going an extra mile of identifying the reasons why the mothers are single (Coulter, 2012). Others are single because their spouse died while other separated through divorce and other many reasons. Therefore, the portrayal of single mothers should be changed as these are important people in the society that have the capability to raise their families well.

In conclusion, I find the arguments raised by Coulter reasonable and true and this leads me to support them. The liberals should be real and truthful even as they agitate for equal rights. The media should also play its role well and avoid being partisans. It is required to act as the reflection of what society has to offer. Single mothers are also the victims as are used wrongly or are abused in the society and this is something that should change.



Coulter,  A. (2009). Guilty: Liberal “victims” and the assault on America, US; Three Rivers          Press.


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