Reasons for parents to enroll their children in private schools and their relationship to some variables

Order Description

The proposal should be as the follwoing :
– Introduction including the importance of the study, aims of the study (Considerations (factors) that parents take into account when enrolling their children in private schools,Advantages of private schools chosen by parents for their children., Indicators of weak public schools that push parents to refrain from it despite the free education in them).
1- What considerations or factors parents take into consideration when enrolling their children in school?
2-What are the characteristics of private schools about public education, which lead parents to choose private schools and carry additional burdens?
3-Are the reasons for parents choosing their own schools different from their cultural, social and economic levels?
-Literature Review including current studies
-Methodology ; methods in details, (context of the study, methods will be used and applied, kinds of questions that will be used with a specific method with aims of the questions; e.g. to measure what).
-Data Analysis
-Ethical consideration
-References (new and current articles; most recent ones.

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