Red bull

RED BULL ADVERTISING fort his assignment I want you two do two things –

1. Find a \”paper\” source and a \”video\” source. These are of your choosing and should be advertising or political cartoon related as these are what we have gone over in class so far.

2. Using the Rhetorical Analysis Precis sheet (see \”Writing to Analyze\” folder under the coursework tab), write a paragraph analyzing the rhetorical significance of your \”paper\” and \”video\” source. I want a paragraph for each of them.

Then you will respond to at least three of your classmates\’ choices. You should watch/look at both of their sources and analyze them yourself. Provide some suggestions for things to look at, critique their understanding of the rhetorical significance, etc. If you need inspiration for what kinds of suggestions to give, look at the Powerpoint we used in class today (VAPID) and look at the questions posed there.

Remember, these discussion boards are supposed to take the place of a normal Exploratory Writing that is one page long. Therefore, you should aim to have your original post and subsequent responses to your classmates work to equal roughly 500 words. For reference, this post is now at 199 Words.

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