Reducing Pressure Ulcers – Literature Review

Submit a 8-10 article literature review on the relevant articles that will help to support your project, and explain what is known and what is yet to be determined.These articles should reflect your study of the following points:Consider how much variation there was in how your concept was defined/considered/delivered across the articles.Address how much variation there was in the outcomes(s) studied across the studies/articles.Consider what findings were supported by more than one study/article.Consider findings that were inconsistent across the studies/articles.Thoughts about findings that were unique, and perhaps compelling.Consider summary statements you can make about the level of evidence from the various studies/articles and the findings associated with them.Thoughts about further questions that you still think need to be addressed.A lit review is not a book report, but a synthesis of the information you are gathering to make a case for your study. Weave the themes together to make a your point.

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