Reflective report

Produce a reflective report of ones individual learning outcomes as it applies to ethics in information technology.

Objective: Prepare a text-only report with a total minimum of 750 words based on the following assignment criteria.
Note: You must produce this project report in your original expression. Also, do not quote any source text and do not include any graphics of any kind in your project papers. Only use text and original expression – only that will be counted in addressing the minimum word count and addressing the topic criteria.
Consider this report as a reflective of your individual learning outcomes as it applies to ethics in information technology. It describes your Ah-ha moments. I hope this course made you think about the ethical trade-offs that occur in your personal and professional contexts and how we go about making our ethical choices.
You can use the ideas you learned from this course; how you will synthesize what you learned from your research about your topic including – over-arching issues, readings, discussion from class, and conclusions from other assignments that apply to your research.
Address each the following elements in this order:
1. From an individual learning perspective, what were some of your learning outcomes?
2. How has this learning experience impacted your understanding of the ethical issues?
3. In what manner might your newly acquired understanding influence your subsequent response to situations in information technology that possess an ethical dimension?
4. How might what you have learned in this course influenced your career?
5. With the continuing trend towards globalization, what new challenges do you anticipate relating to ethics in IT?

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