report based on the case study

Individual Case Study

You are required to produce an individually written analytical paper in the form of a report, based on the Faslane case study (“Managing Change at Falsane” 3 pages) and the 3 questions below. Through your analysis of the case study your paper should demonstrate your understanding of a variety of strategy models and theories and should evidence wide academic reading. You should reference your work using the Harvard system. You should base your analysis on the case study; you are NOT required to do any additional research on the organisation. It is not sufficient to just apply models and produce diagrams or tables; you must also summarise and discuss your findings.

1) Describe the strategic change context in 2002, at the start of the change process at Faslane. You should apply Balogun and Hope Hailey’s Change Kaleidoscope and Lewin’s Forcefield Analysis and discuss your findings. You may additionally use any other relevant academic reading to develop and support your ideas.

2) Compare and contrast the internal features of the organisation when it was run by the MOD and Royal Navy (up to 2001) with when it was run by Babcock Marine (2002-2010).You should apply Johnson’s Cultural Web and McKinsey’s Seven S framework (do each twice – once for ‘up to 2001’ and once for 2002-10) and discuss your findings. What, for example, were the most significant differences? You may additionally use any other relevant academic reading to develop and support your ideas.

3) Comment critically on the Strategic Leadership style that was evident at Faslane during 2002 to 2010. You should compare the organisation against the Five Elements of Successful and Effective Strategic Leadership model (Lynch, 2008) and discuss your findings. You should use examples from the case and any other relevant academic reading to develop and support your ideas.

source: Lynch, R. (2008) ‘Strategic Management’, 5th Edition, Prentice Hall, pp 619.

Note: all other models referred to can be found in Johnson, G. Whittington, R. & Scholes. K. (2011) ‘Exploring Strategy’, 9th Edition, Prentice Hall

The report will include,

Contents page
1.0 Introduction – briefly introduce the purpose of your report (200 words)
2.0 Case Study Analysis – 3 sub-sections, one for each of the 3 main questions
(600 words per question plus any diagrams or tables)
3.0 Conclusions – summarise the main points from section 2.0 (300 words).
4.0 References – there should be academic references from text books and journal articles

Note: any information in tables or diagrams or in the end reference section will not be included in the word count

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