Report on primary health care in practice

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In this task you will write a report. A report template is provided below to assist you in this task. You will need to choose one of the scenarios presented in Module 2 to base this report on.
In this report you will need to follow this template:

Introduction: National Health Priority conditions (150 words)
Introduce your report by identifying the National Health Priority (NHP) your chosen case relates to. Provide brief information about the incidence of the condition, identify the social determinants of health that relate to this scenario and explain how they impact on this person. (LO2)

Section 1: Screening and assessment of a National Health Priority condition (300 words)
Identify one screening and one assessment tool which can be used to screen or assess this person. Explain the difference between screening and assessment. Explain why these tools are useful for this NHP. How would the results be interpreted and used? (LO5)

Section 2: Planning care in the primary health care setting (700 words)
Identify some health education strategies which would be useful for your case study and provide a description of how you could tailor them to meet the needs of people from culturally diverse groups. (LO6)

Conclusion (approx. 150 words)
Conclude your case study by explaining how primary health care can assist people to achieve better health outcomes.

Appendix: Documenting assessment and interventions (150 words)
Using the Progress Notes provided document your assessment findings (you may need to invent these) and one intervention which would be appropriate to meet the needs of the person in your scenario. (LO5)

As a nurse you will need to be able to assess, plan, implement and document primary health care. In this assessment you will apply these skills in a particular scenario.
This assessment is linked to Module 2 and Module 3 and address the following learning outcomes:

* be able to examine the philosophy and principles of primary health care in relation to social determinants of health, and their relevance to Indigenous Australian communities and vulnerable Australian population groups

* be able to plan client care based on the principles of primary health care

* be able to document and interpret assessment findings pertaining to individuals using health screening and assessment tools

* be able to differentiate between health promotion and health education, and identify strategies used to deliver health messages to different population groups (health literacy).

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