Research for potential joint venture

The China-based Hunan China Sun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co. and ACIC Fine Chemicals

Inc which is a Canada-based firm, is considering to set up a joint venture called Venus Pharmaceutical Machinery LLC, which will be a US-based pharmaceutical equipment manufacturer and wholesaler. The total consideration will be CNY 25 million, of which Hunan China Sun Pharm will inject CNY 20 million, representing 80 per cent interest in the joint venture; ACIC will inject CNY 5 million, representing 20 per cent interest in the joint venture.


Hunan China Sun Pharmaceutical Machinery Co. has asked you to prepare a report providing them with an advice about this potential joint venture. Collect any relevant information. On the basis of the information and your analysis, write a report to be sent to your client. This report will have a particular focus on the various types of potential risks and returns. Also provide advice on suitable mode of payment (cash or new stocks) with justification. Provide your recommendation on this joint venture in the end.

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