Research paper Topic: One major communication theory and it's application.

This research paper should explain one of the significant theories of communication and demonstrate how it is applied in the “real” world. The application can be using the theory to explain some phenomenon in the communication system, or it may be used to demonstrate how to solve a particular problem faced by communication professionals.
LENGTH 8 – 12 pages. [Double-spaced, 12-point type, Times New Roman, one-inch margins.]
Citations may be footnotes or endnotes.  The form of the notes should conform to the MLA Handbook.  Two copies of the final draft should be submitted with a blank cover sheet, title page, bibliography, and stapled without any binder or folder.  The margins should be one inch on all sides except for the first page of text where the top margin should be 1 1/2 inches.  Pages should be numbered consecutively beginning with the first page of text.  Page numbers should be at the top right hand corner except for #1, which should appear at the center bottom.  Note that Internet sources should be cited properly. See the examples below.
The primary focus here is your understanding of the concepts and your ability to relate concepts to the working world of mass communication.  Where appropriate, students should critique research design in order to explain inconsistencies in research findings.  This is to reflect a relatively high level of thinking and not a simple regurgitation of the work of others.

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