Research Proposal on Scholarly Resources


Research Proposal on Scholarly Resources

Scholarly resources are the original documented sources of information that assist in doing research. They are published in a recognized scholarly source like journals or university publisher. According to Bombaro (2012) “evaluating sources for their scholarly value is a crucial part of the research process.” Some of the most commonly used scholarly resources are books, journal articles, internet sources and research databases.

Comparison of various scholarly sources

Scholarly sources share various features that are also useful in comparing them to each other. All scholarly resources (books, articles, journals and research databases) have specific contents. This means that the information provided in them are well sourced and research claims documented. Books and web pages are both used for wide range of studies because they contain vast range of information’s. Journals and articles are commonly used when specific information is required about a particular subject who is not necessarily on the internet or other books. According to Gould (2011), “students often cannot determine what constitute a valid source of information and in many cases simply use what is the easiest to find.”  When conducting research on various topics, the urgency of the work will determine the type of sources to use. Research databases on the other hand are more complex to handle since they contain software packages that require special skills to operate.

Contrasting various scholarly articles

This can be done on the basis of how first information can be retrieved from these resources. Books, just like journals and articles are easier to handle but getting information from them is quite a task as compare to web pages. When the research work is so urgent, web pages are the best sources to consult since they are easily accessed and faster.


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