1. Choose a tool for social networking that allows you to create a free account. For this assignment, do not use Facebook or Skype. The social networking tool should meet the following criteria:
o It is not a tool you have used before.
o It connects you with other people.
o It is open to the public.
o It does not promote offensive language or actions.
o It allows you to answer the questions for this assignment.

2. Research your chosen social media tool. Then, using scholarly evidence, answer the following questions:
a. How can this social media tool be used in the workplace in a professional manner? Again, use search engines that will help you to answer this appropriately.
b. How does this social media tool help you connect with friends or colleagues? Describe this with as much detail as possible. Look this up on the Internet if you need to, as you may not realize all of the ways it may be beneficial.
c. What is a potential drawback of this kind of media?
d. Describe the experience of participating in this exercise.

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