Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie

Choose any prompt 1-6. Add to the directions: Include a discussion of Reservation Blues. Make sure you cover the book—that is that you refer to various parts of the book rather than just to one or two parts at either beginning or end. In addition, refer to at least three other pieces we’ve read or watched in this unit. These can be the three stories Alexie wrote, criticism, interviews, or background material, and Smoke Signals.To recap, choose any of the six options for papers involving further research. In your discussion, include Reservation Blues as well as three other pieces we’ve studied from Approaching Literature or Smoke Signals.Tip: When we write about literature or film, we refer to the characters and plot in the present tense. This is because the characters “live on” inside the story. So we would say that the protagonist goes into the 7-11 in “The Lone Ranger and Tonto”—not that he went in.Research requirements: In addition to the sources above, cite at least three additional sources. This is what we mean by “outside research”. One of these sources must be peer reviewed. our Embedded Librarian is on call to help you with this aspect of the assignment. Post questions for her in her pinned thread and earn extra credit at the end of the semester.Your paper should be 4-6 pages long plus the Works Cited page. It must be correctly formatted and documented according to MLA guidelines.Notes:• The three sources/references included on the \’Paper Details\’ form will be supplied and will be up to your discretion which ones to use.

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