Use your favorite search engine to research three websites that deal with environmentally friendly and ethical businesses.
•    On these sites, determine what businesses on a local, national, or international level you already know of or recognize that follow environmentally friendly practices, what those practices are, and how they improve the environment.
•    Reflect on how you are already a responsible consumer or how you could become a responsible consumer by supporting these businesses.
The assignment:
Compose a 2- to 3-page paper in includes the following:
•    A list of the environmentally friendly businesses you support with descriptions of what they do specifically to help reduce their impact on the environment
•    A list of at least three changes you can make in your daily routine to become a more responsible consumer. How easy or difficult might it be to make these changes? What impact would your changes make on the environment or on society?
•    Based on all you have studied over the past 7 weeks, a description of two or three of the most important aspects of environmental biology that may impact you. How do these aspects affect you? Do you think you will change any of your current routines as a result of what you have learned?

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