Right to Social Security in International Human Rights

Briefing on International Human Rights Standards (35% of your grade)Select ONE specific right recognized under International Human Rights Law. Research the right and prepare a professional briefing about its meaning under international law. Your analysis and interpretation of the Right must be based on the UDHR Model. Your briefing must address the following, and should use examples to clarify and illustrate wherever possible. 1 Sources and strength of international consensus (IL) about the right?2 Most authoritative and developed definition of the right? 3 Basic substantive dimensions of the right?4 Interpretation of the right in light of the special structural features common to all “human rights”?▪ Inalienable (dignity and human rights) ▪ Universal (individual equality, non-discrimination norms)▪ Inter-related and interdependent ▪ Indivisible ▪ “Rights” as Entitlements and Obligations (participation and accountability norms) 5 Debates and application? Give examples to explain how the UDHR model may be used to distinguish between inflexible (universal) and flexible (relative) aspects of the right to help resolve cultural/social/other conflicts. • Document your research with proper citations and list of references cited. Include international legal sources (hard and soft law where relevant), as well as academic and practitioners sources.EVALUATION: As per the syllabus, assignments are evaluated in the following areas:• Major question/s are answered directly and fully (purpose)• Accurate application of assigned frameworks, concepts, approaches • Argumentation is built upon sufficient evidence, which is used effectively, rigorously, accurately and precisely• Demonstrates clarity of thought (via structure, style, language)• Logic is clear and compelling• Analysis is comprehensive, achieves both depth and breadth• Format and parameters are respected (proper referencing, page length, etc.)*Guidelines and required analytical framework to be used for Assignment 1 provided during class. At the end of class today, you must nominate the International Human Rights Standard you would like to present for Assignment 1. For ideas, use the link to “UNOHCHR Human Rights Treaty Bodies – General Comments,” as well as the “Explore” links listed under week 3. You may not select a topic covered during the course (for example, Right to Food in week 3), so check the syllabus.Donnelly text, chapter 2 The Universal Declaration Model, chapter 3 Economic Rights and Group RightsNickel, James W. 2008. “Rethinking indivisibility: toward a theory of supporting relations between human rights” [courseweb]UNOHCHR, Human Rights Treaty Bodies – General Comments:Find all UN General Comments on human rights here, for your research. For class discussion today, search http://www.ohchr.org/EN/HRBodies/Pages/TBGeneralComments.aspx and read the following:Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, General Comment 12, The Right To Adequate Food, Art. 11 (1999).Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, General Comment No. 16 The Equal Right of All Men and Women to the Enjoyment of all Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (2005)Explore:UDHR, CCPR, ESCR (together known as the “International Bill of Rights”):Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)http://www.un.org/Overview/rights.htmlInternational Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (CCPR) http://www.ohchr.org/en/professionalinterest/pages/ccpr.aspxhttp://www.ohchr.org/EN/ProfessionalInterest/Pages/CESCR.aspxUN HR research guide: http://uhri.ohchr.org/enHuman Rights Watch – Our Work http://www.hrw.org/about

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