Rise to power of Adolf Hitler

Part I ; Discuss in detail any two topics

1) The rise to power of Adolf Hitler & his policies concerning the Nazification of Germany & his expansionist policies in Europe ;

2) The background , results & significanceof the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor ;

3) The background , results & significance of Allied military strategy , goals & campaigns in the European & Pacific theaters of war 1941 -1945 ;

4) The provisions & goals of the Cairo Conference (1943) , the Yalta Conference (1945) & the Potsdam Conference (1945) & their significance & importance in the post WWII world ;

5) Summarize & analize the film ” The Scarlet & the Black” especially the events , circumstances & results of the efforts of Msgr. O ‘ Flaherty & the tenuous position of Vatican neutrality ;

could you please choose two topics of the five topics above then write an assay for each one . every assay will be a page or less with three bodies and no sources included

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