Routine Inquiry

You will write a Routine Inquiry designed to glean information that you need via relevant, specific questions. You should include a full Memorandum heading as though you were sending the document to your chosen professional. This business professional can be a family friend, acquaintance, a person you work(ed) with, someone from whom you need information for work purposes, or simply someone you admire in the professional world. To obtain the information you need, you will create a Routine Inquiry that includes a set of questionsyou hope to have answered. You should format your Routine Inquiry in business Memorandum format(see the example below, as well as pages 97 – 98 of your textbook). Your inquiry should include an introduction of yourself and why you are writing the inquiry. You’ll alsoneed at least 4-5 good questions that will help you determine what your next steps would be. These questions will of course vary depending on which topic you select. With this in mind, please use the guidelines underneath each topic choice below to inform your writing choices. Audience and purposeare key elements of this assignment. Assignment Notes:• Create this Routine Inquiry in Memorandum format as a Word document.• Your submission should be 1 or 2 pages. Remember, the focus is on being clear with your needs andquestions rather than filling space to meet a specified assignment lengthuse this scenario for writing this paper Option #3: Career ExplorationAs a part of your career exploration, you recently discovered that a mentoring organizationexists that provides advice to people who are considering career paths. This organization iscalled Mentors, Inc. You have been considering a particular career, and you want moreinformation about it from an experienced professional. Thus, you have decided to interview abusiness professional from Mentor’s, Inc., to do learn more.Write a Routine Inquiry in which you ask your questions. Find out the main elements you wantto know about this field of employment in a way that shows consideration for the reader anddemonstrates your own serious interest in the type of job that the mentor does.4 If you were tocontact a career mentor, think about the types of questions you might ask: specifics about thefield, advice for how to enter the field, skills needed for success, etc., are all things you mightinclude in your inquiry.

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