Ryan Trecartin

Ryan Trecartin

Ryan Trecartin is a multi-talented artist that makes various art forms including animation, videos and sculpture work. Unlike many artists, Ryan rarely works alone and he also seems to a diversely talented virtuoso in a number of art forms such as sculpture animation and film making. It is rare to find such a multi-talented artist. Instead he works with a group of collaborators, to whom he delegates responsibilities. The creative process of his artistic pieces is thus not individual work, but rather the combination of artistic inspirations from fellow collaborators. By permitting collaborators to share ideas and contribute their input, Ryan allows his artwork to be a result of shared human experiences (Lehrer-Graiwer 1).

Ryan’s filmed narratives appear like futuristic dreams that combine digital manipulations with footage from the pop culture, internet, animations and wildly stylized performances and sets. His work also acts as a depiction of consumer culture, which has been amplified to nihilistic proportions as characters seek meaning and agency in their lives. His combinations of use of colour, montage, drama and form develop a sublime, consciousness effect, which feels very true to life (Lehrer-Graiwer 1).

Ryan’s orchestration of groups of artists in the production of his pieces of work, offers a uniting platform where visions combine, and he is able to acquire various combinations of responses from collaborators, which contribute to better development of pieces of art. In essence, Ray’s art forms are not fully conceptualized by him. Instead, most of his artworks are made and conceived by other artists (Lehrer-Graiwer 1). These independent artists either make the pieces under his direction or at their discretion. However, in some cases Ryan also makes pieces of his won. Ryan shows a communal practice free of any ego. Therefore, he subtly creates a community vision, which is based in mutual support, spontaneity and of collective value. In essence, the collaborative approach of Ryan’s art gives it a distinct approach towards the creation of art (Saatchi Gallery 1).

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