SALD RAPP program – Out of Our Comfort Zones

This assignment is designed to provide you with the opportunity to experience what cultural awareness-expanding opportunities are available here on US’s campus and allow you to push the limits of your own, personal comfort zone!

Your Choice:
Please describe the experience you selected for yourself?
Why did you select this particular one?
• I select RAPP because I would to understand what they were all about. Reading about them for the last year made me think this program can help get into other cultural without me feeling bad about going to look into thing on UC campus and people me this is not my cultural people level.
• I want to learn more about the RAPP Leader part of the program. I thought if I can find out what a leader is supposed to do it can make a good social work in the feature.

What were you hoping to learn? On a scale of 1 – 10 (with “1” being the most comfortable and “10” being the most uncomfortable), please rank this choice.
• I am going to RAPP to learn more about what they do on UC campus, and how do they get people to come and check them out awareness out about they program.
• I will be every RAPP 8 out 10 on the scale because they did show me that I can beyond to alumni program because I use to go to UCBA in 2010 and I go my Associate degree in IT. That made me go to UCBA alumni meet in December I can’t wait to have my voice out there as a UC student.

How far out of your comfort zone have you pushed yourself?
• My comfort zone was known long anymore. I was so scared to be around people who are judging me because I feel like people judging me everywhere I go or what I will do in life.
• My comfort zone was out there because I do not do big group. RAPP meeting was in a dining hall. I am not used to be groups because to me scare my very much but my me doing this assignment 3 is help me get out of my comfort zone and to be able to become a great social worker.
• My comfort zone me to was known long there when I get to RAPP meeting, and find out how import in mean to have your voice knew among your peer. I find out that there are a lot of people just like me on campus, and they are just trying to find out where they may fit belong on campus as a UC student.

You’re Experience:
Please describe your experience.
• My experience was difficult because I’m not used to doing thing out of my own comfort zone. Being around so many different people who was so much smarter than me made me I felt so far out of my own comfort zone. My experience at RAPP was very enlightening for me because I met people who were just like me, and just trying to find out where they belong.
• The experience in RAPP was enlightening because they are people who are just trying to fighting oppression individual awareness and collective action. This was a experience I would do all over again because it was wonderful experience that anyone should experience at least one on UC campus.
What did you notice?
• I notice that the people at the RAPP meet was so very opening to their visitors in they had a lot of different cultures so I felt like I was learning way more than I thought I understood in class. I understand now about culture and diversity and its importance for social worker to understand different culture and diversity. I also know if there were different types of people every program to offer as a UC student.

How did you feel?
• I felt like what this has to do with us become social workers.
• I felt like this is not in my schedule.
• When do we have the time to go to another program on campus when I have so much on my plate at this time
• But when I got there I felt so out of place also overwhelmed with joy and excitement

How did you manage any anxiety or awkwardness that you were feeling?
• Well my anxiety started at the door then my awkwardness start to take over and my feeling was all over the place.
• For me with my anxiety I start to give myself pep talk before walking into the event
• Then I walk around and check out the place in for interactive anybody because it helps me with my anxiety thing to see you what I will be getting myself into just in case I can’t handle it how to get myself out of it.

What can you describe about what you observed?
• I observed that there are free workshops and trainings on campus and throughout Greater Cincinnati focused on building cross-cultural communication skills, self-awareness around social positioning social justice issues, and developing agency in fighting oppression.
• They I have self-awareness and exploring our own social such as race, gender, sexuality, religion, class program.

You’re learning:
How has your participation in this assignment enhanced your cultural awareness?
• This assignment help me awareness about myself that I didn’t even know I had.
• My participation in this was so overwhelming other than myself
What have you learned about yourself, others, this new culture that you did not know before?
• I learned that it is okay to get out of your comfort zone and that it’s okay to expand of the thing about yourself that you never Maggie that was never there at first.
• I learned that I like going outside my litter box the see what out there for me to accomplished in life.

This is more on RAPP program and you can also go to website.

Your Task:
This assignment asks you to –
• Attend a lecture, UC International Student Event, UC Safe Zone program, SALD RAPP program or any other cultural consciousness-raising event here on UC’s campus and write a brief report about what you did and what you learned. (EPAS 1B, 4A, 4B/GenEd Core – social responsibility.)
Report Outline
RAPP – also known as the Racial Awareness Program – focuses on three areas: Intensive development programs, alumni engagement, and outreach.
There are several ways to be involved in RAPP as a student leader! Participation in RAPP’s intensive programs – either the 9-month RAPP or 5-day Accelerating Racial Justice – is strongly encouraged as a first step. Participation in similar programs is recognized as well, though.

Below are brief descriptions of the positions anticipated for RAPP 2014-15? Full details and applications will be available mid-spring semester 2014.

• An alumni program for graduates of RAPP intensives where students continue their exploration of social justice as well as develop facilitation and peer education skills.]

RAPP offers free programming to the University of Cincinnati and the Greater Cincinnati community on a variety of diversity, multicultural, social justice, and communication topics.
We will work with interested groups to develop a program to suit their needs on most any topic, and can make referrals on topics we feel others can do better than we.
Common topics we present on include:
1. Self-awareness: Identifying and exploring our own social identities, such as race, gender, sexuality, religion, class, etc.;
2. Campus awareness: Exploring diversity at UC, including statistical diversity and campus resources on race, gender, sexuality, ability, and religion;
3. Just Community: Exploring the UC Just Community initiative and identifying ways we can create a just and caring community;
4. Effective Communication Strategies: Exploring key concepts in cross-cultural communication and how to use them to improve communication;
5. Communication around Triggers: Identifying our own triggers and common triggers and strategizing about how to respond when triggered that promote learning;

After doing one or more of the above topics, have us back for more work! Topics we’ll do after some prep work (or if you’ve already done work on the above together) include:
• Allyship: Exploring a holistic concept of allies and identifying how to develop effective ally skills.
• Power & Privilege: Exploring how social power and unearned privilege manifest and how to become an agent of change fighting oppression.

Classic Programs
If you have 45-90 minutes and would like a general program, consider requesting one of our most popular general diversity programs:
• What’s at UC? Explore demographics, resources, and the impact of perception in this energetic “game”-based program.
• Circles of Me Spend time reflecting on our identities, our experiences, and communication.
• My Just Community familiarizes yourself with and personalize the UC Just Community Initiative.
• Trigger Words Explore language, its connection to justice, and identify ways to respond when triggered/upset/offended.
• Five Skills of Inclusive Leaders The name says it all! Learn about and explore five key skills of inclusive leadership.
• My Story of… Record and share the story of your life around one or more social identities while discovering the power and challenges of telling our stories.

A longer classic program for a group with 3 to 4.5 hours:
• Introduction to the Prison Industrial Complex Explore our connections with the prison industrial complex, its impact on the community, and how to engage in social change related to this issue.
Student Activities & Leadership Development is proud to be able to offer the international curriculum of Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconcilition. Thanks to support from the UC Diversity Council, RAPP’s Program Coordinator is Level I Certified in this through the Center for Nonviolence and Peace Studies at the University of Rhode Island.
Kingian Nonviolence Conflict Reconciliation Develop greater awareness/understanding of the strategic and active methodology of nonviolent direct action, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s philosophy and approach, and explore your own beliefs around nonviolence. (minimum 3 hours, maximum 16 hours)

RAPP strives to maintain a focus on experiential learning and host highly interactive workshops.
RAPP History
In 1986, following a series of racial incidents, University of Cincinnati students requested an ongoing program to help them bridge racial conflict and create understanding. Although there had been some attention given to racial issues, this was the first student initiated request for a sustained program. The Racial Awareness Pilot Project (RAPP), designed by Student Affairs and Services staff member Linda Bates Parker and a student steering committee, emerged from this request. In the Spring of 1990, the Racial Awareness Pilot Project was recognized as an official program on campus, thus becoming the Racial Awareness Program. Because of community and campus familiarity with the RAPP acronym and logo, the two P’s (RAPP) remained.

RAPPORT Resources
RAPPORT is an alumni program for people who’ve completed a RAPP intensive. We also uphold the RAPP mission of fighting oppression through individual awareness and collective action

RAPPORT does several things:
• Continue the exploration and discussions begun in RAPP intensives through our own regular meetings and workshops. Come to the RAPPORTientation on Monday, August 26th, 6PM-8PM in the 6th floor open space of Steger Student Life CEnter to learn about being involved 2013-14.

• Spread the process and mission of RAPP through development of facilitation, peer education, and leadership skills. This is most visibly done through the Social Justice
• Support students in the RAPP year, particularly through Peer Leader work and “behind the scenes” work at retreats.
• Serve as a resource for the campus and Greater Cincinnati community by facilitating workshops and trainings.

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