Self assessment

I. Background:
* Describe the development of your beliefs and attitudes toward differences ( i,e. race, ethincity, race, gender,class, religion,sexual orintation, abilities)Include how you believe they were shaped by factors such as ethinic or racial heritage, gender and sexual orintation, socioeconomic status, region of the country, religious beliefs ( I am married for 25 years, baptist, middle class , live in mississippi,and white, other than that I really have no opinion on this subject)
* what kind of messages (spoken or unspoken) did you get about people who were differnet from you in those catagories (from society, media, parents)  (I am 50 my parents were somewhat prejudiced)
II. Current Assessment
* What are your beliefs and attitudes about human differneces at this point in your life? Have you choosen to retain those of your upbring or have you modified or replaced them?( still remain baptist but do not go to church)
* Identify and discuss biases you now have regarding groups differnet from yourself ( ethic or racial heritage, gender or sexual orrintation, abilities, religious beliefs) (I have no opinoion here)
* How do these biases influence the ways in which you interact with theses members of those groups? Were you particually interested or surprised bt any of the information /feelings you may have uncovered while completing this assignment?

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