Short Story Literary Analysis Essay

This Essay will be a Five Paragraph Essay, 700 word minimum: introduction, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion. It\’s to be written about the short story entitled \”A Pair of Tickets\” by Amy Tan. I will attach a pdf to the story as well as some summaries. There are to be three direct quotations from the story in correct MLA citation; one quote to be placed in each of the body paragraphs. Be sure to include the Works Cited section for the short story. Focus your analysis on the THEME of the work, and show how the author develops his/her THEME through the use of three of the following literary elements: flashback, self-acceptance and family relationships. Use only third person objective point-of-view. Do not use first person \”I\” or me , second person \”you\” or subjective third person \”we\”, our or \”us\”. Here is the story: and some summaries:

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