Singapore business law

A team of students from a Singapore-based university was planning a trip to Cameron Highlands, where an exhibition on the history of tea, the process of growing, harvesting and processing tea and the spread of tea across the continents was to be held in a newly built 36,000 square kilometres exhibition hall. This exhibition was marketed as “one of the largest tea exhibitions in the history of Asia”. The students were writing a thesis on the history of tea leaves and thought that this exhibition would provide them with much background information. The university booked a 50-seater coach from Speedy Coach, at a price of S$1,000 for a return trip. It paid a deposit of S$200 to Speedy Coach three days before departure date. Advise the university of its rights and obligations vis-à-vis Speedy Coach (if any) in each of the following scenarios: (a) Scenario 1 – There was heavy monsoon rain in Malaysia and there were extensive mudslides along parts of the road up to Cameron Highlands. The road was no longer accessible. Speedy Coach refused to proceed with the coach journey on the departure date. (b) Scenario 2 – The electrical wiring and ventilation system of the exhibition hall at Cameron Highland became faulty. With no lights and air-conditioning, the organizers put out a notice to the public, stating that “the exhibition will be temporarily closed for the next few weeks”. The organizers offered a walking tour of the town square, a tea museum and the surrounding tea plantations as an alternative. (25 marks)

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