Social Development


Social development is basically the growth which occurs when there is transformation in the shared social compositions thus improving the capability to perform individual’s or society’s objectives. There are therefore the personal skills which contribute to the enhancement of constructive social development in children and adolescents where some of them include: ability to communicate well, the act of being confidence and showing the act of cooperation with others. When one is in a position to communicate well, the other children will be able to get his or her intended meaning while at the same time being in a position to avoid hurting others through use of inappropriate words thus promoting social development. The confidence nature in children and adolescents  helps one to appreciate first who he is thus being in a position to express oneself in a social set up while at the same time it helps one to accomplish individual’s responsibilities. Ability to cooperate with others enhances social development because through it one is in a position to work well together with others especially in areas where group work is needed.

Children’s family plays a very significant role in promoting constructive social development which is developed at home hence being reciprocated in school. When the family members appreciate one another despite someone’s disabilities the confidence in children is built. Just by the act of appreciation one feels loved in the family which is third requirement in Maslow hierarchy (Sapru, 2006). In this good communication is also enhanced such that one learns how to address others who are different from him where he does not hurt them while communicating. Appreciation in the family is very significant such that when parents use of good communication while addressing their children, these children use the same language while addressing others. This is well evidenced in Maurice Elias theory as one of the ways to promote social development  (Zins, 2004).

The aspect of a family working together on the family responsibilities promotes cooperation. By this family should also encourage sharing of responsibilities for instance when some members are involved in cooking, the others could be washing utensils, cleaning the house, feeding cattle so that at the end of the day the out of the individual’s cooperation then all the cores will have been accomplished. On the other hard family qualities can sometime inhibit the above skills for instance in the unstable family full of conflicts. Violence at home can promote tension to the family members more so to children and adolescents hence they may not cooperate, they may also lose confidence in themselves thus failing to appreciate themselves, and in such family environment, there is always development of poor communication. When there is violence in the family, the members feel insecure such that the full safety requirements are not achieved which is a second necessity on Maslow theory thus promoting poor social development  (Sapru, 2006).

Classroom environment also contribute much to the enhancement of social development. According to Maurice Elias a learning environment where self control is promoted leads to social development. This promotes respect toward each other at the same time doing only what is expected. Discussion sessions in classrooms where all are expected to participate helps in building ones confidence. Learners are also in a position to attain good communication in their interactions while at the same time showing cooperation during the discussion period. There is however some qualities which hinder the social development in classroom for instance, in situations where the teacher teaches without giving the learners chances to contribute on their views. This kind of learning environment is referred as a single lined learning thus it is hard for students to build their confidence, learn how to communicate well with others and also cooperation in children and adolescents at school is not well developed. In this teachers argue that there is limited time due to the overloading capacity of the learning curriculum which is well depicted in the Maurice Elias theory on social development (Zins, 2004).

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