Task: Critically evaluate the extent to which social enterprises may be considered a more ethical form of enterprise than the traditional for-profit firm.

Endeavour to explore issues you believe are the most important, I would expect you might consider:

– Using theories/approaches to frame your discussion
– Critically identify and evaluate the common characteristics of social enterprises;, as well as motivations and drivers of social enterprises. Analyse the environment, motivations and drivers for social entrepreneurship; Select and defend the best strategy to implement social entrepreneurial principles for a specific project. (If not exclusively, then at least partially).

Introduction (10%)
Serves as a compelling introduction to the topic. Entices the reader to continue reading. Provides useful, though not excessive, signposting.

Use of relevant literature (30%)
Is able to embed literature from a wide range of sources. The literature is entirely relevant.

Criticality of discussion (20%)
Evaluates critically, providing for a sophisticated and authoritative discussion.

Conclusion (20%)
Presents a compelling summary, that then provides novel perspectives on the issue under consideration.

Clarity of writing (15%)
Clear, succinct, logical and minimal typographical and grammatical errors.

Adherence to formatting guidelines (5%)
Full adherence. Accurate referencing (no errors).
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