Social Impact Assessment Report

A Middle Eastern Sheikh is giving $750 million to begin a new Institute for Middle Eastern Studies. It
will have three components, Islamic Studies, Arabic Studies and Petroleum Studies. It will provide for
named chairs in all three areas with research funds. The school must admit 10 students from his
country each year and their tuition will be paid by his country (i.e., separately from this grant). An
impressive building will be built with $100 million (from this $750 mn) and it has to be located on the
present staff parking area between North and South Shaw because the donor wants the Institute to
be a show case for his generosity.
Write a Social Impact Assessment Report. Specifications are as in Essay I. Among its features must
1) What can be built for $100 million
2) How many named chairs can be created and how many graduate students given scholarships
(this and item 1 you need to find out)
3) A plan for the $750 million
4) Identification of all stake holders
5) An interview with friends pretending to represent each stakeholder (one friend for each
stakeholder group is enough) and the interview questions as an appendix
6) A SWOT Analysis
7) A final recommendation on whether to accept the grant

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