Social Problem

Social Problem

A major social problem of concern in the UAE is the growing population. Most of the individuals in the expanding populace experience deprivation of some privileges such as legal rights. Most of Arab nations have fewer inhabitants. As a result, these countries import labor from all over the world. These emigrants have therefore settled permanently in the UAE regardless of the fact that they are deprived certain social privileges such as formation of mergers. This makes them prone to expatriation. According to Winckler, at the end of the twentieth century, UAE experienced from a problem of overpopulation that was characterized by an increase of population in levels exceeding the standard financial and monetary capital and assets of the UAE. Subsequently, the standards of living also deteriorated. Unemployment became prevalent as a result of this overpopulation (71).

Case Study

Case study is a technique of doing research with an aim of offering a thorough or comprehensive examination, investigation, or scrutiny of a particular body. It can be used to carry out an investigation on a single individual, a crowd, an organization, a process, or even an occurrence. The procedures incorporated in case studies include interviews, scrutinizing various reports, as well as the examination of substance. They are used to answer relatable queries especially evocative and illustrative queries. For instance, they are used to answer queries on what and how. According to Yin, through accentuating and underlining examination of an occurrence in its natural milieu or circumstance, the case study technique supports the compilation of information or statistics in innate surroundings in contrast to relying on consequent facts” (5). Through this technique, a researcher can be able to find out how and why there has been the problem of overpopulation in the UAE.

Yin in his book Applications of Case Study Research brings to light the fact that case study technique of conducting research is one of the commonly used methods in social science investigation. Researching on the issue of overpopulation and its consequences in the UAE may require a researcher to identify this problem in a wider perspective, involve relative and multifaceted stipulations, and also depend on various basis and foundations of facts and data. This can only happen when a case study is used. It is important to posit that researchers have in the past used case studies to research on various social problems all over the world. Available sources elucidate the fact that case studies have been used in carrying out investigations for employment and utilization in designing strategies and other courses of action in matters of public interest (7).

In my opinion, case studies are one of the most effective techniques that can be used in investigating the social issue of overpopulation and its consequences in the UAE based on the fact that it makes it possible for a researcher to examine the results f effects of various events at a particular time frame. Through a case study, overpopulation in the UAE can be positioned or sited within the settings or situations in which it transpired (Naumes and Naumes 64).


Conducting surveys is considered a technique of experimental and observed investigation. A survey somehow relates to observation as it entails going out into the field and finding out the needed facts. This is also considered a conventional technique of investigating issues as it highlights the pursuit or expedition for specific features of aspects of an investigation. According to Denscombe, survey perspective is considered more as a plan of action instead of being a technique. This plan of action enables a researcher to employ the use of opinion polls, interviews, reports, and also surveillance or physical examination. This kind of research entails the use of extensive investigations, focus on a specific period of time in question, and makes use of practical information or statistics (8).

After a sample size is determined statistically, questionnaires can be used as a type of survey. Questionnaires can be sent either through post or they can be internet based questionnaires. Individuals are asked to complete these questionnaires and key in the needed information. Surveys can also be face to face or through telephone calls. Surveys can effectively be used to investigate social issues in the UAE as it is capable of covering a wide and comprehensive area (Denscombe 31).  Internet surveys and through posting enables a researcher contact individuals in far and remote place hence can be effective in investigating the issue of overpopulation in UAE.


A chief social issue of worry in the UAE is the growing population which leads to depreciation of the standards of living and unemployment. Case studies are effective techniques that can be used to scrutinize the social problem of overpopulation and its effects in the UAE on the basis that it makes it possible for a researcher to study and observe the results and effects of various occurrences within a particular time frame. Through a case study, overpopulation in the UAE can be positioned and investigated within the settings in which it transpired.  Surveys can efficiently and successfully be used to explore social problems in the UAE as it is capable of covering a wide and comprehensive area.

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