socialization of children’s emotions

What is the role of peers in the socialization of children’s emotions?

For this assignment, the paper should include three main sections.
1) 2)
The first section is an introduction to the topic (approximately 1 page). What topic or psychological phenomena are you focusing on? Why is this topic important?
The second section contains the article summaries (approximately 5-7 pages). In this section, you will describe the articles by stating the article’s research question(s), briefly describing the method, describing what the researchers found, and explaining why it is important.
o Summaries containing the following elements ? statement of research question(s)
? sample information
? design and/or measures
? findings
? implications of study
The third section contains a conclusion and future directions about the topic (approximately 2 pages). Here you will give a brief summary of the conclusions you can draw from the existing evidence in your area by integrating information from your sources. You should answer the following questions: are there any themes or patterns in the literature? What is still unknown about this topic (i.e., what “holes” remain in the literature)? What direction should future research take (i.e., what should future studies examine)?
Length of the Assignment: Seven to ten (7- 10) double-spaced pages of text (this does not include the reference page or title page), plus one additional title page and one additional page for your APA-style references at the end. In total, your paper should be no longer than 12 pages including references and title page.
Format and Style: All papers should be typed in a reasonable font (Times New Roman, approximately 12 point), double-spaced, with 1” margins, and STAPLED. In addition, I expect you to thoroughly edit your papers before submitting them including running a spell-check, grammar check, and proof-reading for correct word choice. Excessive spelling and grammar errors will result in a full grade reduction (-10%) in your paper grade. As this is a 400-level Psychology course, you are expected to adhere to APA style for in-text citations of research as well as reference pages. If you are not familiar with APA, it is your responsibility to seek out this information. Excessive APA style violations will also result in a full grade reduction in your paper grade (-10%).

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