1. First, read the text by James Henslin titled “Chapter 5: Violence in Society” and watch the film “Bus 174” in its entirety. Next, apply one of the sociological theories of violence discussed in Henslin’s chapter to explain the violent trajectory of Sandro’s life and its tragic ending. (Remember to cite specific examples from the film to illustrate your answer)

2. First, as discussed in Chapter 8 of Eitzen and Zinn, briefly explain how individual racism differs from institutional racism and give an example. Next, drawing on the readings by Mike Davis and Luiz Rodriguez, identify three forms of institutional racism that have contributed to the emergence and growth of gangs in Los Angeles. (Remember to cite specific examples from the readings by Rodriguez and Davis)

3. First, as discussed in Chapter 12 of Eitzen and Zinn, identify one class or race bias that exists at each level of the US criminal justice system, from lawmaking to sentencing. Next, discuss how these race and class biases within the CJS influence societal perceptions of crime and criminals.

4. First, drawing on Chapter 17 in Eitzen and Zinn, as well as the reading by Janny Scott, give three examples of how social class affects health outcomes in individuals. Next, give a brief example of how your social class position has impacted your own health outcomes.

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