Paper instructions:

1.    Mini-Participant Observation Assignment: (15 points)
Instruction : Visit a section of the city of Boston or even outside city that has a distinct “ethnic” presence/identity (eg. Chinatown, North End, SouthEnd, Chelsea, Vietnamese section of Dorchester etc. You can meet up with classmates to plan the trip or maybe invite your family/ partner/ s.o ; to join you in this hopefully fun assignment. Take notes as you walk around this section of the city. Carefully observe the advertisements you see, the merchandise advertised in the shop windows, the characteristic of people who operate the shops and those who patronize them. Try some of the food being sold and even eat in one of the restaurants. Keep your notes so after your visit you can use these notes on your observation to answer the essay guide question listed below.

Essay guide question :
1. Discuss which of the social research methods mentioned in Henslin chapter 1 would be most useful in learning about the community your visited. (5 points)
2.    Define the following key concepts in Henslin chapter 2: culture, subculture, ethnicity. Use these key concepts in describing and elaborating upon your observations on the chosen neighborhood. Remember to put in quote sentences that are copied directly and cite source (page number). How does this statement support or expound upon your observation. (5 points)
3.    Discuss your observation. What stands out as unique in this community you chose. Describe the location, the characteristics observed of the people, the stores, the merchandise, the food, the feel of the place. Lastly, how is it similar or different from your own neighborhood? (5 points)

4. Focus on the topic of VALUES in chapter 2. There are 15 values listed and you need to choose 3 which you feel are most applicable to your observation about the community. Discuss each of the values and how they concretely apply to your observation and experience doing participant observation in chosen community.

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