Solving Problems and Making Decisions

Background -Briefly describe your organisation, what it does, and your role within it.

Present situation (Analysis of the problem)
What the problem is and what may have caused it.
It scope (eg. how widespread, how often, how much etc).
Who, how and what it affect in the workplace/team.
What you are trying to achieve by solving the problem.
What the result would be if no action is taken.

Investigation and identification of possible solutions to the problem – Briefly describe possible solutions to the problem. To do this you must gather and interpret information to identify possible solutions.
The evidence you gather should be fact supported by evidence and not just your opinion.

Evaluation of possible solutions
Evaluate the possible solutions using a simple decision making technique to arrive at the best solution.

Recommend implementation plan to solve the problem – Provide an action plan for the implementation and communication of the solution. Your action plan should including people.
Briefly describe the monitoring and review techniques you could use to evaluate the effectiveness of your chosen solution.

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