South East Asians gambling

  1. a.      One thing I learned about south East Asians gambling is?


That, it is done by both men and women. They are involved into gambling irrespective of time whether day or night, they are actively involved. But mostly they prefer doing it at night. The reason as to why they are so much involved in gambling is as a result of depression. As in the movie, the woman who was involved in gambling was as a result of loosing her husband. She could not handle the pressure in the family, so she opted to gamble. Also, the upright men in Asia don’t gamble, reason being they listen mostly to the advices they are given by their wives. Those who can’t do without gambling go to an extent of borrowing in order to get money to gamble.

b. One thing I learned about South East Asian gambling problem is?

That, it tore’s families apart. For instance, in the movie, a man leaves the family at night, and goes out to gamble regardless of the wish of his wife. In addition, he goes to extend of stealing the wife’s jewelry to go and sell them just to have money to go and gamble. Nevertheless, the man also has no time to know what is happening to his family. The children are becoming hard to control; their mother is trying to involve the dad who turns a deaf ear to the matter.  More so, most of the children run to the streets at very tender ages due to family breakage caused by parents involvement in gambling.

c. One thing I learned about the impact of south East Asian gambling on families is?

The impact gambling has on South East Asian gambling is that; men are not caring about their jobs. They are solely involved in gambling. As it is depicted in the movie, a man is being reminded by his wife that it has been a week since he went to work. In return the man becomes violent and even slaps the wife.  Also, for the woman who is shown in the movie to be a gambler, leaves her children without food, and she comes back home late and drunk. She has no money, and the children have been hungry the whole day.

In addition the children are complaining that the dad has never bought them anything, and he better not be with them for he is abusing the mother.

d. One thing I learned about my stereotypes of South East Asian gamblers is?

Evidently, gambling is an act that any upright man should not get involved. Just as seen all over, the result is just the same as outlined in the movie: Regrets are the only results from gambling. Families are broken apart due to unconcerned parents, who instead of taking care of their families they dedicate most of their time in casinos and end up loosing all the money they could have used to feed their family.



In conclusion, gambling in Asia has turned out to have destroyed most of the families. It is as a result of gambling that most of the families have difficulties in life.  Gambling should be controlled, and any upright man should not be involved.

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