Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines


Southwest airlines are one of the best and most appreciated airlines. This airline has performed well and has also been attributed to safely transporting passengers from one place to another. This means that it has also served as one of the biggest employers in the country. An airline has to make sure that it provides the best services it can to its customers. Each business must use the best services to gain competitive advantages over the other competitors. This is one main reason why businesses try to provide and offer the best services. Competitive advantage is gained after a proper strategy is put in place to ensure that the company outlines itself as being different from the others (Lauer, 45).

A leader has the ability to lead the implementation of new objectives, to question some of the policies set by the government and the institution, and to design new objectives. A leader is recognized to have good communication and interpersonal skills. This person is said to take the risk and use the necessary means in order to acquire results. Many of the studies indicate that leaders cannot be made, but are born. A leader has various skills including innovation, developing original models, inspiration, concentration on the people, and also originating ideas. A leader has the power to motivate and inspire the other members with the aim to achieve the visions and missions of an organization. The leadership of southwest is very effective in all what it plans. This is because the company has gone miles ahead of others and has been one of the good airline services providers. The considerable market share that they hold is all dependent on the management of the company.

The leadership of southwest airline has upheld the most cherished dreams, which is customer perception and better employee relationship. This has made this company move ahead and claims a share of the market. The aspect of upholding the employees and customers makes it possible for the airline to lead and pave way for the others. The company’s leadership is well equipped with ideas and ways, which are effective in the delivery of services. This leadership is well effective and efficient as it is able to distinguish what customers need. This is also determined by the fact that they are very passionate about what they offer (Lauer, 69).

Gaining a competitive advantage over other competitors is a very important aspect. This makes it possible for a company to gain a favorable market share over the others. This states that natural resources and cheap labor are not what leads to the growth of a good economy. The use of new and advanced technology can also make it possible for a company to gain competitive advantage. Southwest needs to consider some factors, which will make them gain competitive advantage over others. This includes the use of new technologies, and also maintaining high standards (Birkinshaw, 83). The company needs to ensure that its airlines are well checked to ensure safety for passengers. Any commotion or aspect that affects this company, affects its market share. The fact that they never service their airlines makes this an aspect that affects them in terms of market share. The company should ensure that it conducts services as a way of maintaining the airlines. This will ensure the safety of the passengers, and also the competitive advantage gain.

This is gained as a way of rechecking and reviewing their strategy management. Strategic management involves the analysis of the initiatives that the management has set regarding the resources put forward and the performance of the company externally and internally. This entails the organization overlooking the mission, visions and objectives that it has set. This is characterized by the programs and projects that the company has set and it wishes to achieve after a certain period of time. These programs and project are used a pathway for achieving the goals and objectives set by the company. A scorecard is the object that is used for checking the success and performance of the company. Many managers state that objectives should be based on what the stakeholders expect. Strategies are plans that the business has set to achieve better product design and quality, better promotion, better distribution and better pricing (Birkinshaw, 97). This strategy should include the time span and goals of the business. The business should also consider targeting, segmenting and positioning all of which are strategies.

There are various growth strategies that southwest airliners should ensure and maintain. Some of the strategies to use are effective management. This will make it pursue its ambition of being the best. The company should ensure that it services its airlines often. This is an aspect that makes it possible for the company to assume greater market share. Reviewing its strategy is also an aspect that can see the company grow. This includes it trying to evaluate the strategies that are not working, and those which need to be changed. The company should also assume the aspect of consumer centricity. The company should always regard customers as their success and devote themselves to serving them (


The success of a business is all dependent on many factors. These factors should be considered thoroughly before venturing to the business. Managers should try to do all the research that is needed to enhance the success of a business. Managers should come up with concrete strategies that help steer the success of the business. Understanding the marketing mix and marketing strategies ensures that the business has strategies that are aimed to achieve. Conducting a full market research and analysis of the target market enables the business to know its target. Good procedures should be set to help increase sales. Concrete policies lead to concrete sales. Consumer acceptance enhances increased sales. Time is the factor that determines business growth. The perception of a business leads to its success.

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