Specialty Questions

Please answer the following critical thinking questions/objectives in full complete sentences according to each specialty i.e. Orthopedics, Dermatology, Urology etc. It can be single spaced.

How would you respond to a patient with impaired circulation who tells you that he often uses a heating pad to relieve the pain in his legs even though the physician has warned him not to do so?

How would you respond to a patient who complains that his friend has recently been diagnosed with vitiligo and he is worried
that he might get this disease?

Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology
The mother of a 10 month old boy explains to you that the baby has had a runny nose and has been fussy for the past 2 days. You notice he is pulling at his right ear. What equipment do you anticipate that the physician will need to examine the child?
You notice that a fellow medical assistant working in the office is getting frustrated with an adult male patient during a visual acuity test using the Snellen eye chart. The patient does not seem to know the letters of the alphabet but may have been embarrassed to tell the other Medical Assistant before the examination started. Would you intervene? What would you say?

A urine specimen is left in the light for an extended period of time. What chemistry may be affected by this. Why?

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