Speech Presentation


Speech Presentation


Introduction: Two weeks ago, I was approached by my three friends, Tim, Matt, and Kelly, who were looking for a new fun event for the weekend. Well, I have known the trio as people who loved having fun and enjoyed a good time; therefore, I proposed that we go and try out paintballing. This was an excellent choice particularly because there was a new place that had just opened up out of town. I had heard great stories about this game, and now an opportunity had presented itself for us to go out and experience the game first hand.

The Pre-Game Preparations: We arrived at the play center on time, we geared up, and each one of us was given a special gun with paint balls as ammunition. We were split into teams of twos, i.e. Team Hero comprising Tim and Myself, and Team Sent, which comprised Matt and Kelly.

The Actual Game Play: Our mission was to retrieve some ‘treasure’ buried somewhere within the play course. The rules stipulated that if anybody got shot then he together with his partner were to stand down for 3 minutes before resuming the treasure hunt This meant that at most care was to be employed to avoid losing on precious time. We did our very best, but sadly, team Sent beat us to the treasure.

Lessons learnt: I realised that one did not need to be experienced to play the paintball game. It was easy especially after our instructor gave us the rules of the game.

Conclusion: We left the game course feeling satisfied knowing that we had just added a new game to our already expansive list of the fun things to do in the weekends.




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