sport policy and sustainability

1. Evaluate the contribution of volunteers in UK sports participation. Include in your discussion the difficulties faced in recruiting volunteers.

The answer should also include a ; definition, present ate, use Taylor theory .. Formal in formal, explain difficulties .

2. Focusing on a sport of your choice, discuss the role partnerships play in delivering sports participation programme.?

Introduction about partnership in football

Talk about what partnership is doing

Add theory. Gratton, cn, Taylor (2000)

Give examples

Do the partnership is schemed these

1_health 2_crime 3_public good 4_equity

Make hoe partnership structured

Advantages and dis advantages of partnership

3. Critically evaluate how mega sports events can address the three dimensions of sustainability.

3 dimensions is environmental, social Rydin 2001 and economic

4. Critically evaluate a range of approaches that might be used to evaluate sport policy. Discuss the relative merits of each.

in this question use the STAPE MODEL

it is 9 stages of STAPE model , go through each one

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