1. The system may comprise back-up generator (diesel), utility grid, PV panel, wind turbine, converter and battery.
2. You should use hourly residential load profile (house size: maximum six bed rooms) in kW for weekday and weekend. Data will be different for different months considering weather and seasons. You should search the internet for hourly residential load data of the specific location you use in Victoria. A good place to start is AEMO. If you have smart meter installed in your house, you can access the load data through the Distribution or Retail Company’s website. You should provide the appropriate reference for the load profile.
3. The presence of back-up generator is a must in your system. You should use current fuel price rate for the back-up generator and provide necessary reference.
4. Wind resource profile is available through Bureau of Metrology (BOM) website for Victoria. You should use monthly average wind speed given in m/s.
5. You can collect solar resource profile through NASA or BOM website. You should use daily average radiation data of each month given in kWh/m2/d

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