Stock Report

Select a stock listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  The purpose of this project is to investigate the background of that company, track the daily price over a two week period, and appraise the stock in that corporation to determine if you would recommend its purchase.

 A.    Description (20 points):   Present a description of the firm you have chosen including:

1)      the areas or fields in which it operates

2)      the significance of the entire industry

3)      product lines

4)      types of stocks & bonds sold & listed, bond ratings, etc.

B.     Recent Developments (15)

Describe what is currently happening to or within the firm (expanding, diversifying, selling assets, consolidating, merging, etc.).  What research is the company doing and in what way is it assuming social responsibility (environmental, etc.).

C.    Prospects (10)

How do you feel the company looks for the future?  Why?  Is this firm operating in those areas that are just coming into their own?  Is it part of an expanding industry or is it shrinking?

D.    Statistical Information (30):  Attach a photocopy of the source pages of Value Line and Merchants.  Please highlight or underline the statistics used for the following:

1)      Price Ranges:

High               Low






D.  (continued)

1)      Earnings Per Share for the previous 4 quarters:

Dates:        _______    _______          _______          _______

EPS:          _______    _______          _______          _______

2)      Share performance over 3 years    2013    2012    2011

a)      No. of Outstanding Shares     ____    ____    ____

b)      Earnings Per Share                  ____    ____    ____

c)      Dividends Per Share               ____    ____    ____

d)     Total Sales                               ____    ____    ____

e)      Returns on Equity (%)            ____    ____    ____

3)      RATIOS                                       2013    2012    2011

a)      Price/Earnings Ratio               ____    ____    ____

b)      Long Term Debt/Equity          ____    ____    ____

(show calculations)

Use lower left side of Value Line 2013    2012

Current Ratio                          ____    ____

(show calculations)

E.     Price (30)

The student must create both a spreadsheet and a “vertical bar” chart that reflect the prices for each market day during the time period assigned.  The price information will include the high price for the day and the low price for the day.  It will also contain the volume for the day.  Students may use a separate chart for each or combine the high and low into one chart with a separate chart for the volume. Price information is easily obtained in the Wall Street Journal or from the NYSE or websites.  If you have ANY trouble finding the information, please talk to the instructor!

Project timeline:  Monday, March 17 through Friday, March 28, 2014.

 F.     Capital Gains (10):

Pretend to purchase 100 shares of your stock at the “opening” price on the above start date and sell them on the “close” of the ending date.  Indicate the following about your “paper investment.”

Total Cost of 100 shares   =       __________________

Total Selling Income         =       __________________

Total Gross Gain (Loss)    =       __________________

             ROI in percentage             =       __________________         This is the return on the investment.

G.    Appraisal (10)

State your appraisal of this company as a potential investment for an individual.  Based on your information and the price trend, should this stock be purchased now, a few years from now, or never?  Also, is this stock most suitable for “income,” “growth,” or a combination?

H.    Bibliography (10) (Use at least 4 sources including the two required)

The following are some possible sources of information for this report.  Whatever sources you use for any part should be included in a bibliography.  As stated earlier, you must attach a photocopy of the source pages of statistics and “highlight” those figures used on the selected pages.  Note: Mergent’s and Value Line are required resources.

** Mergent’s (Moody’s) Handbook of Common Stock REF HG 4905 .M815

** Value Line Investment Survey (On Reserve)

Wall Street Journal

Standard & Poor’s Stock Guide (latest edition) REF GB-H

Hoover’s Handbook

The annual report of the corporation you selected (if you are able to acquire it)

I.“Oral” report (10) (May 5):

1)      History and description of the firm.

2)      The reason you chose to study this company.

3)      Explain results of stock purchase and sale.

4)      Analysis of the firm and its potential. (Use recent developments, etc.)

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