Story of Self

Strategic Storytelling Assignment
Race, Politics & the American Promise
PART 1 & 2

“Teachers who have a vision of democratic education assume that learning is never confined solely to an institutionalized classroom. Rather than embodying the conventional false assumption that the university setting is not the ‘real world’ and teaching accordingly, the democratic educator breaks through the false construction of the corporate university as set apart from real life and seeks to re-envision schooling as always a part of our real world experience, and our real life.” – bell hooks
NOTE: Use the required texts and other assigned articles as references for this paper. Use a minimum of 2-3 references per paper.
Story of Self (PART 1)
This is the story of who you are and the experiences you’ve had with race. I want you to critically think about racism, discrimination, bias, favoritism, exploitation and oppression that you encountered within institutions of higher learning and beyond.(Import note: My background is an international student who comes from China studying in California, USA. I’m not US citizen. Please use my background in this paper).
bell hooks asks us to question all of social and political structures that we live with in order to fully develop into the people we were meant to be. Too often our racial or cultural backgrounds are used as a way to demonize or celebrate certain groups with false sets of standards. These standards – that have been used to prop up white supremacy – hurt all people.
Think about a specific moment in time that you experienced the consequence of difference and how you reacted and how others reacted to you. How did the institutions around you influence your perspectives on difference and the values attached to it? Clearly state the social and political institutions that have influenced the experience and the your understanding of difference.
Make sure your story is in the first person.

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