Strategic Analysis Case Study

Use the format and suggestions on pp. 151-155 of the “Business Analysis Techniques” reading (pay attention to the “practical points” too).Each of you, at some point, has had the experience of working somewhere—or even just being a student—where you believed that some simple, fixable change would improve the organization or the customer/student experience. (“If only they would listen…”).I would like you to reflect on your proposed idea, and compose a strategic analysis to explain and perhaps argue for it, and present that in the form of a “business case” memo/report. Use one or more of the Structured Analytic Techniques or of the Business Analytic Techniques—but I will let you choose. This assignment has about a 7-10 day turnaround to mirror (somewhat) the conditions of real life. But that should be plenty of time.Here are the headings to use in your memo:IntroductionManagement summary (or executive summary)Background or description of the current situationOptions considered of benefits and costs Investment appraisal Impact analysisRisk analysisConclusions and recommendationsJust to give some uniformity, I ask that you use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, single spaced, with 1” margins on all sides of the page.Feel free to use graphics or charts to support or enhance your analysis, but be sure they clarify rather than confuse the point you are trying to convey.Communicate your analysis clearly and concisely. In no case, should the memo exceed 7 single spaced pages—but it can be shorter… as long as you are thorough and make your case.

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