Strategic Importance of Human Resource Management

For the case assignment, read all of the required readings listed on the background page.

Assignment Expectations:

Please respond to the issues raised below in a 3-4 page report, not including cover and reference pages. Be sure to draw upon and integrate concepts from all of the module required background materials, other materials you might find on the web, and your previous course material (e.g., Mgt 407, Mgt 411, Mgt 412):

Imagine you have just been hired as the CEO of a mid-sized firm, and the current HR department is limited to payroll, benefits, recruiting, training, performance management, and safety. The current HR manager reports to the VP of Operations. Given this information and that provided in the background readings, create a blueprint for redesigning the HR function as a critically important strategic partner in the future of the organization.

Submit your report to CourseNet by the Module due date.

For this case assignment, you will:(1) apply effective communication skills in a business environment, (2) assess the ethical implications of business decisions and actions, and (3) apply business theories, models, and concepts to guide analysis of problems and situations.

Background Reading
Required Materials

Begin your readings in Strategic HRM by looking at a compilation of definitions.

The next four articles are all available in ProQuest. Two of them are large documents and will take a bit of time to open depending upon your connection speed, so please be patient.

Abang, E., & Abang, O. (2009). Strategic integration of human resource management practices :Perspectives of two major Japanese electrical and electronics companies in Malaysia. Cross Cultural Management, 16(2), 197-214.

Anonymous. (2009, March). Staying Strategic in a Changing Economy. HR Focus, 86(3), 3-4.

Lawler, E., & Boudreau, J.. (2009). What Makes HR a Strategic Partner? People and Strategy, 32(1), 14-22.

Wattanasupachoke, T. (2009). Strategic Human Resource Management and Organizational Performance: A Study of Thai Enterprises. Journal of Global Business Issues, 3(2), 139-148.

HRM has a great set of readings to more fully appreciate the dynamics of Strategic HRM. You can go to their main page (linked above), or click on the following sub-sections:

Introduction and people strategies

Forming HR strategies, Business Goals, Strategy Formulation

Translating Strategy into Action, The reality of HR strategy

Change Strategies and Restructuring

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