Strategic Management

Use case study format for this task.


You will be required to use Samsung Electronics as the organization for this assignment.

Your task is to do the following;

      Identify the two or three major problems that your company is currently facing (it must not be a problem that they have already solved!)

      Identify the causes of the problems and not just the symptoms (remember: symptoms point to problems, don’t mistake them for the problem)

      Link the problem to theory

      Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of potential solutions for each major problem identified (remember: solutions must be practical)

      Make recommendations about the solutions (or combination thereof) that should be implemented, justify your recommendations.

      Explain how recommendations will be implemented, consider the actions that would need to be taken, who would be responsible (ie. what level of the organization), when and in what sequence the actions should be taken.


Use the unit objectives below as a starting point for identifying the “major problems/challenges” that your adopted company faces;

      identify factors that help your company to survive and prosper (ie. Have any of these factors been compromised?)

      explain the actual processes of managing strategies in your company (ie. How successful is strategy implementation in your adopted company)

      evaluate techniques applied for analysing strategic activities (ie. Are the company’s strategic activities leading to a competitive advantage?)

      debate the factors that lead to strategy success and failure (ie. Is your company taking steps to continue being successful?)

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