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First paragraph: Introduce the problem, closing the first paragraph with your thesis

Thesis: Your thesis for this essay should be persuading your audience how you will go about promoting change or correcting the problem you have identified. A prong or serial thesis often works well for these types of essays. An umbrella thesis is possible, but be sure you explain why.

Example thesis: Many children suffer long-term consequences of bullying, but the problem can be remedied through educating the parents, encouraging a community atmosphere, and implementing a peer mediation program.

Second paragraph: Elaborate on the problem. Provide background information on the trend and the problem at hand. This should entail research ONLY from library databases, such as Opposing Viewpoints, Gale Virtual Reference Library, or Academic Search Complete.

Third through fifth paragraphs: Explain your solution(s) to the problem. You do not have to write three body paragraphs, but you do need to be detailed in your approach, and the solutions should be mainly your ideas. Additionally, the solutions, need to be logical and viable. Think and describe how one would implement the solution. For example, abstract ideas, such as gaining more peace and love in the world, are not viable solutions. Concrete solutions, such as a return-to-work program or half-way house, are more viable.

Final paragraph: Rephrase your thesis. Provide the reader with a look to the future or a call to action.

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