summary and reflection

Write a summary and reflection of this assessment that includes both of the following:

1 Your personal summary of the two forces of change and their impact on the selected dimension of learning. The expectation is that you will know your force of change in more detail but that through peer collaboration, you also can demonstrate an accurate understanding of your partner’s force of change and integrate the two forces of change’s collective impact on the dimension of learning

and identify their ‘so what’ implications. Further, include some discussion the significance of these two forces of change for the role of education and learning in your current workplace practice or future practice (if you currently don’t work) [approx. 1,200 words].

Note, your partner should not be giving you his/her summary to include in this written task or vice-versa. This is all your own work based on your readings, interpretations and experience from the collaborative work in sections A and B.

C2. Your reflections of what you learned in working on this task with a partner (what worked or not; what were points of debate/negotiation or not; what additional insights or perspectives in working with a partner helped you to learn)


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